Last Updated:Sunday, 23 April 2017

Avalon Bay Air Fryer 2017 No Bs Review

Note:All  prices are under $100 til this point of writing as its year end festive season and may vary once its over
Only the AB-Airfryer100B  and AB-Airfryer100W is under $100 (used condition) now at Amazon.
The rest are above $100.


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Update: All prices are now over $100 for new conditions at Amazon.
Good times bad times,every cooking fanatic is looking for ways to save money and time when buying a  new kitchen gadget.

I bought the avalon bay air fryer 200ss (this model is not available at Amazon now) under a 100 bucks last oct.

Yeah,i waited til the year end to for some discounts(45 %!).Not too shabby.Its coming to 2 months now and so far so good.

Update:This model is currently back to its original price  but the AB100 in red and white are under a $100

I use it on a daily basis for fast healthy frying (about 8 mins on average for fries,nugggets and chicken wings)for my 4 pax family.I would not say the quality is supeior compared to philips airfryer xl but judging at the huge price difference,i have realistic expectations from my it as i am not a gourmet or perfectionist.

It just do what its supposed to do - Air frying with time saving features using rapid air technology and Most important of all,Easy to clean and  use (i am not really a gadget guy who likes to mess with complicated functions) and doesnt make a mess.

Out of  a whopping 579 amazon customers feedback(currently the most  for air fyers),there are 83 negative ones from unsatisfied users and 486 positives. I agreed though,not all positive reviews are objective but so do the negative ones.So it works out to be 14 percent unhappy customers.

More on the consumer user satisfaction Here.