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Avalon Bay Air Fryer 2017 No Bs Review

Note:All  prices are under $100 til this point of writing as its year end festive season and may vary once its over
Only the AB-Airfryer100B  and AB-Airfryer100W is under $100 (used condition) now at Amazon.
The rest are above $100.


This review is available in pdf format.Click this link to download if you are in a hurry.

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Update: All prices are now over $100 for new conditions at Amazon.
Good times bad times,every cooking fanatic is looking for ways to save money and time when buying a  new kitchen gadget.

I bought the avalon bay air fryer 200ss (this model is not available at Amazon now) under a 100 bucks last oct.

Yeah,i waited til the year end to for some discounts(45 %!).Not too shabby.Its coming to 2 months now and so far so good.

Update:This model is currently back to its original price  but the AB100 in red and white are under a $100

I use it on a daily basis for fast healthy frying (about 8 mins on average for fries,nugggets and chicken wings)for my 4 pax family.I would not say the quality is supeior compared to philips airfryer xl but judging at the huge price difference,i have realistic expectations from my it as i am not a gourmet or perfectionist.

It just do what its supposed to do - Air frying with time saving features using rapid air technology and Most important of all,Easy to clean and  use (i am not really a gadget guy who likes to mess with complicated functions) and doesnt make a mess.

Out of  a whopping 579 amazon customers feedback(currently the most  for air fyers),there are 83 negative ones from unsatisfied users and 486 positives. I agreed though,not all positive reviews are objective but so do the negative ones.So it works out to be 14 percent unhappy customers.

More on the consumer user satisfaction Here.

Complaints are like it turns rusty after over a 10 or 20 times wash(I placed small pieces of aluminium foil to line the basket to avoid rusty- come on,wear and tear applies to any gadgets) and tasteless food as compared to a deep frying with hot oil.

Mind you,its best to purchase oven ready foods for best effect if you want to fry stuff,Start from scratch  raw food like potato to fries you need to coat a thin layer of oil and absorb the excess oil with a kitchen paper.Even brands like Philips advocates this way.No Oil should be poured into ANY air fryer itself.

Talking about maintenance and some little experiments for  delicious taste?

So you see?At times there are just misunderstood or unrealistic concepts about any air fryer can start to cook raw fresh food without any marinating or oil and we start to grumble that the taste just sucks.

Let's explore why it  can grill,fry,bake or saute without much preparation work and taste just as great with an oven or frying pan.

What Is An Air Fryer?


We should start by asking why is regular frying considered so bad for you.

 We've all heard the reports that tell us about the health risks of eating fried food when we cooking oil or fat a large amount is soaked up into the food.

One Health review says eating fried chicken and pan pizza bread is like drinking oil straight from the But Then Thats not the only problem

When most oils are heated to that degree it changes the molecular sructure of the essential  fatty acids,.

 And causes them to become free radicals and trans fats .These are what destroy cells clog arteries.,raise blood pressure and increased the risks of  heart attacks, strokes and even Alzheimer's .

That's why an air fyer is the perfect solution. for frying foods without using any oil at all.

 It works by circulating hot air very rapidly around the food cooking it with no chemicals on microwave it's all natural.

In addition to this the it is very fast. Whereas an oven  would take an hour and twenty minutes to cook this chicken and potato dinner .It can do it in half an hour.the making it a safer and healthier alternatve to your microwave.

Not to mention much beter tasting.And it's amazing what a big difference eating right can do for a healthier better body.  just look at how many calories can be saved by cooking with an air fryer instead of the alternative.

The results are pretty clear. The healthy great-tasting food without all the negative risk. Thats why  is the most natural solution.

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It  had been the trend lately due to its oil less-Up to 80% less oil way of cooking(Unless frying raw food you may need to coat a layer of oil or marinate it,e.g raw potatoes,otherwise its basically doesnt require Any Oil) style  and many conventional ways of cooking can be replaced by air frying since its using superheated air to circulate the food while cooking.

Rapid Air Technology
Wikipedia states that air fryer cooks by circulating hot air (up to 200 Celsius or 392 degress Farenheit)with a mechanical fan at high speed.Its called the Rapid Air Technology.

End result is the Mailard Effect which give food its colour and flavour and crispyness for fried food.Some examples are bread crust,toasted marshmallows,fried dumplings and cookies.

Using 80% less oil to fry compared to tradition pan frying,most of them comes with a basket on top of a drip tray with temperature settings and timer.Either digital button type or knobs.

Though while frying we need to periodically shuffle and shake it,i find its a way of controlling the overall effect and taste better rather than churning all the way with a food agitator.( some models got this tool).

Its all about suiting your taste and you need to experiment it by shuffling,In my opinion.Cooking great food comes with experience and testing right?

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The Health Risks Of Traditional Frying Food

If you are a deep fried food lover like me then you probably are not aware of the existence of this killer called acrylamide.

According to the fact sheet from , food that are fried, grilled or baked are said to produce acrylamide,especially deep fried since it normally require high  cooking temperature above 120 degress celsius.(248 degress farenheit).Even food that needs longer cooking time also produce this probable human carcinogen.

Regular intake of fries,doughnuts,chicken wings (Yeah all the fried stuff we like) are associated with prostrate cancer,endometrial cancer, ovarian cancer, lung cancer, kidney cancer, and esophageal cancerendo.(source:

So researchers had been urging consumers to reduce the cooking time with lower temperature to a healthier diet since we all know that dietary pattern has got a lot to do with the odds of getting cancer.

So if you like fried,grilled or baked stuff ,quit them from now.(What!)

Alright,i know you would rather die than quit.

So is it time to change our cooking style?

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How Does Avalon Bay Air Fryer Work


We've all had that eating fried food is bad for us. When we use cooking oil it creates trans fat and increases our risk of heart disease high blood pressure and other health problems. Nothing tastes so good have to be so bad for us. 

Introducing the AB100 series. Afterall it cooks with all the greatest frying without using any oil at all.The  rapid escalation technology Browns the food cooking it evenly.

And it acutally removes fats and oils from the food.It uses no chemicals or microwave.Its just Air.

The AB100 series is easy to use. 

Simply set the temperature then set the timer. It has a double built-in safety feature.When the drawer is opened or when the timer stops, it automatically shuts off.

 It is compact enough to fit into any space. It's non-stick basket has a quick release button. Easy cleaning and it includes a pop-up handle so you can take it anywhere.

And it's much faster than an oven. This chicken and potato dinner takes an hour and twenty mins to cook in an oven.But the Ab100 series can do it in half an hour. Making it A much better and healthier alternative to your microwave. Not to mention much better-tasting.

It's amazing what a big difference eating right can do for a healthy effective body.Just look at how many calories can be saved by an air fryer instead of the alternative.

The results  are pretty clear.Whether you want to grill, baked ,roast right now you can do it all in one unit and do it in a much healthier but easy great-tasting food without the health risks. 

So the the  AB100 series  is the perfect natural solution.

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The AB- Airfyer100b is in black but also comes with red,white and stainless steel for you  to choose. It got a 3.2L mesh non-stick basket (ideal for large servings)which get heated once its turn on but i prefer to pre heat for at least 3 mins to get optimal taste. 

The heat will flow into the food from all sides like a thorough circulation(imagine sun tanning your body) and you can set timer up to 30 mins using a dial and adustable temperature from 200 to 400 degress farenheit.And of course it will "ding" just like an oven once done.

The basket comes with a quick release lever for easy removal  using a 304 stainless steel heating element which had a higher resistance to corrosion and chloride.Meaning more hygenic and safer.

According to British Stainless Steel Association,304 stainless steel is the most common ones using in cooking aplliances,for water treatment and even surgical instruments.Just imagine the robustness here.

Though the manufacturer claims that it can lift oil thus removing fats and oils by dripping through the basket while the food is air frying but i rather use an absorbent napkin to remove the excess before popping into the gagdet.

This is to ensure its durability and makes it easy to clean.Rather play safe than sorry here.So a more healthy lesser calories food is served to our body without compromising our taste buds.

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Unique Features

  • 3.3quartz Capacity - For Family of  2 to 4 people
  • Automatic Shut Off - For safety purpose in case you forget.Comes with alert sound.
  • Layer Rack and Baking Dish Now Included - Not in the past.
  • Non slip Slip Feet - To make sure it doesnt slip off your bench top especially for the safety of toddlers and elderly.
  • Top Handler - For carrying and storage purpose.Great if you are only using it on important occasions like family gathering and for transportation.
  • Easy Washing - Comes with dishwasher safe parts.Simply dismantle and wash.
  • Cookbook -Who doesnt love it? 20 over ideas to be experimented.
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An Example Of How to Use The And What It Can Cook

This nice and helpful lady Gaby had illusrated how easy it is to use and whipping fried chicken is like peanuts with AB100 series.

Credit:Gaby Gregory

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 The AB AFPACK Air Fryer 3 piece Baking Set is sold separately from the original package.

Avalon Bay AB AFPACK Air Fryer 3 piece Baking Set

Actually,what you need is just the additional shallow fry pan for stuff like pancakes but its sold together as a 3 piece set with an extra deep pan and mesh basket.So take the deep pan and basket as the backup just in case.

Completely optional though.I didnt buy it as i dont like pancakes lol and mine is still working fine.

One thing to take note : Its advisable to use silicon utensils to avoid scatching the pan like a silicon coated tong.In fact its good to use for all brands.

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Cooling System

The important role of a exhaust system is to filter  any extra air emittted by the increased internal temperature so that its better to the environment and ordorless to humans.

Without exception, it comes with a mounted fan and its duty is to keep the internal pressure and heat under control by sucking them out.

Thus,enabling fresh air through the filter then to the bottom and not only cooling the internal parts but also ensures proper air circulation for awesome taste!

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But Does It Really Work(Up To 80% LESS FAT?)

I am a self confessed deep dried foodie fanatic. When my wife bought this gadget last month, i grumbled like hell all day.Because i was so used to regular frying and love the taste so much that i am sort of prejudiced with the airfryer.(With a big? in my head)

Sceptical?Of Course!Yeah, i am the little oven and deep frying guy.

So she challenged me with my favourite food and the method i used to cook.I am very sly and told her 3 diffrerent ways namely,Baking,Grilling And Frying.

What else can be better than testing and results?

Test 1(Baking Cupcakes)

cupcakes end result with avalon bay air fryer

My standard timing for baking cupcake in my oven takes about 22 mins.I am not very convinced the new gadget can bake well and taste good just like an oven baked one.

To prove my point to my wife(being egoistic here),i set the timer to just 12 mins since it claims that it can bake any stuff faster than an oven.

I just throw the packet mix into the patty pans and place them all in it.12 mins up and "ding"!The result is out.

Ok,the cupcakes taste fluffy and light and munchy.But i still put up a straight face with my wife,trying to show her i am not very impressed with the taste.(Actually i am)

Test 2(Grill BBQ Pork)

grilled pork

We all knows that grilling requires high heat temperature(180 to 200 degrees) and good  heat circulation in order to make the food well grilled and cooked and we want the colour to be gold brown and juicy as well.

  I marinate the meat manually with honey and olive oil and spinkle some lemon juice.Throw it into the airfryer and test it at 15 mins.My wife commented i was trying to find fault with grilling only for 15mins. So this time i expect the poultry turn out to be dried and semi cooked and i can boast to her i cant be wrong with my doubts about her newly bought little kitchen monster.

Times up and the charred aroma from the pork came to tempt my taste bud.Looks pretty juicy as if its just being grilled. Take a bite on the pork and its tender not over cooked.I was beginning to be impressed.

Note:Do marinate or add just ONE layer of oil for meat ot poultry for Best results.DO NOT POUR OIL INTO THE AIRFRYER.Dry excessive oil with a kitchen paper.
Test 3(French Fries )

french fries with avalon bay air fryer

Seriously,i really cant grasp the so called rapid air technology able to fry fries like what i did with hot oil.How is it possible with so called 80% less oil?

I just throw some  frozen fries(No Need To Defrost And No Oil Needed) into the basket and shaked them 2 times throughout the whole process The temperature is set at its max -200 degress.Took a little long (8 mins) as compared to my traditional deep frying style(1-2 mins with hot oil) but the fries look crispy and taste like deep fried with a sense of satisfaction.

Well,what can i say?My old lady hates me doing deep frying stuff with pan as she is always the one who clean up the greasiness and spraying lots of air refreshner to eliminate the intensive smell.

I came to understand why she bought the airfryer finally.Love fried stuff but got a stupid ventilation design and loathes cleaning after that?

Note:To get the best effect of fried foods,oven ready and frozen food are the best.Otherwise if its sliced raw potatoes(say you want to make some potato chips),add 1/2 teaspoon olive oil with a pinch of salt and set the timer to about 20 mins and temp to 392 degrees(max).Yes,raw food takes much longer to air fry compared to seasoned frozen food.Wet foods like veggies and beans and carrots that needed to be steamed dont really work well according to my experience.
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How To Wash After Using It

avalon bay air fryer black AB Airfryer100B basket with release lever
Press the lever at the handle to release the basket

Washing the basket is as easy as ABC.Just press the lever at the handle and release the basket and pop it into your dishwasher.Done!
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My Avalon Bay Air Fryer Recipes

I will give you  2 of my simple yet yummy and quick  recipes - Chicken wings and chocolate muffins.Ready?Lets Do it!

marinated  chicken wings to be put into the avalon bay air fryer
I use salt and black pepper with  olive oil seasoning

Black Pepper Chicken Wings 

Black Pepper Chicken Wings
 Cook chicken wings with black pepper

- 2.5 pounds of chicken wings(frozen package)
- 1/2 teaspoon olive oil
- 1/2 teaspoon salt
- black pepper
- 1 teaspoon honey(optional)
- potato starch(optional)
- your favourite wing sauce(i prefer chiili sauce) Prep time:

Pre Heat Time: 0.03
Cook time:

Total time:
Yield: 12 pieces(4 people)
Average Rating: 4.5
Votes: 7
Reviews: 30
Nutrition Facts 50 calories per serving , 3.2 grams fat


  1. Thaw the frozen wings.
  2. Preheat the airfryer for 3 mins.Set temp to to 400 degrees farenheit(210 degress celsius) .
  3. Cut the wings into drumlets and flats.
  4. Pat them Dry with a kitchen paper.
  5. Marinate with olive oil and salt.sprinkle black pepper accordingly.
  6. Place chicken wings in the gadget
  7. Use a tong to toss the wings at 10 min interval by opening the basket til its brownish and cripsy.Or you may just shuffle it.This is to avoid charred or unven colour.
  8. Use a chopstick or fork to poke the wings.If there are soft parts means you may need another 3 mins to cook.
  9. Serve with your favourite wing sauce or chilli sauce!
Note:If you want to serve a larger size say  more than 16  pieces then you may need a larger capacity(the capacity is 3.3 quartz) like the Power Airfryer XL.

Chocolate Muffin 

Chocolate muffin using air fryer
My final result-Yummy Muffins!
Serves                : 8 muffins
Pre Heat Time   :  3 mins
Prep time           :  10
Cook time           :17
Total time          : 30


  •  6.5 ounces all purpose flour
  • 1/2 cup canola oil 
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 25g unsweetened cocoa
  • 200g caster sugar
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1cup chocolate minichips
  • 1/2 teaspoon red wine vinegar
  • 1 cup warm water
  • 100g butter
  • 1 large egg(lightly beaten)
  • 2 teaspoon vaniila extract
  • cooking spray

  1. Preheat  to 180c.
  2. Pour flour into measuring cup and level with a knife.
  3. Mix sugar ,cocoa,powder ,soda and salt.Stir with a whisk.
  4. Add butter til you see breadcrumbs.
  5. Add warm water,vinegar,vanilla extract and canola oil, and egg and stir well.
  6. .Add a little water if its too thick.You may repeat this process til its softened.
  7. Stir in 1/2 cup mini-chips.
  8. Add oil and stir til moist.
  9. Place the liners into your muffin cups and coat it with the cooking spray.
  10. Spoon the batter evenly into cups and sprinkle the balance minichips.
  11. Place them into the air fryer.
  12. Set temp to 160c and timer to 17mins.
  13. Wait for the'Ding"! and enjoy!
Note:Self raising flour can be used instead of mixing flour to save time..And use milk chocolate(You need to break it up) to replace the minichips if you like! .
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Lets Compare Some Popular Brands 

I choose the GoWise(GW22612) Black+Decker HF110SBD Power AirfryerXL(3.4 quart) and Homeleader KW58-017 to compare with Avalon Bay.

The reason?Because of the price range are close to each other and the  food capacity of the basket.I just want to be as fair as possible since it is pointless to compare it (3.3 quartz) with a Philips Airfryer XL(5 quartz and over a 100 bucks).
And not to forget this post is about getting the best air fryer under a 100 bucks for the budget conscious.

Comparison Table(Avalon Bay Vs GoWise Vs Black&Decker Vs Homeleader Vs PowerAirfryer XL )

Click the content inside the table below to scroll or slide the bar at the bottom.

ModelAb-Airfryer100b/200ssGoWiseUSA GW22612Black&DeckerHF100WDHomeleaderK58-017Power Airfryer XL 3.4quartz Black
Dimensions(inches)11 x 13.5 x 12.75 9.5x12x911.5 x 11.5 x 13 13.58x13.58x
14.5 x 13.4 x 13.4 
 Item Weight(pounds)1412127.712.4
ControlsManualTouch ScreenManualManualTouch Screen
Adjustable Temperature80-200degrees celcius 176-392 fahrenheit80-200degrees celcius 176-392 fahrenheit80-200degrees celcius 176-392 fahrenheit80-200degrees celcius 176-392 fahrenheit80-220degrees celcius 176-400 fahrenheit
Timer30mins max30mins max60mins max30 mins max30 mins max
Auto Shut OffYesYesYesYesYes
Dish Washer Safe PartsYesYesYesYesYes
Warranty1 Year Ltd60 days 2 Years Ltd1 Year Ltd1 Year Ltd
Optional P3-piece baking set (dual rack, fry pan, baking pan)Baking Cake PanNoneNoneBaking Insert,Pizza Pan,Fry Basket,Basket Divider,Tongs
Cool To Touch Handle Pan Or BasketYes YesYesYesYes
Colors AvailableBlack,White,Red & Stainless SteelBlack,Red,
Stainless Steel& WhiteWhiteBlack
Top Carrying HandeYesNoNoNoNo
Removable Basket Or PanYesYesYesYesYes
Any Discount(Amazon)42% 67%No18%No
Basket Capacity3.3 quartz3.7quartz2 lItre2.65 quartz3.4 quartz
Power1500 watts1500 wattsunknown1300 watts1500 watts

Note 1: The above technical specifications are provided by the manufacturer and correct til this point of writing
Note2:As for the discounts over at Amazon,its due to the festive sale and prices may subject to changes.

The Avalon Bay Air Fryer In A Nutshell

With an almost close to 600 customer feedbacks on amazon and a 80% of positive ones,this brand is currently wih the most mixed opinions and  seems to be the most popular one under a $100.

While some say that it cant really cook start from scratch raw food and the end result taste bland,this actually applies to all air fryers.In fact all  manufacturers encourage oven ready or marinated food.

All it boils down is whether you are willing to put in some extra effort to prepare the raw food before air frying and with some trials and errors,you will find that this gadget isnt a bad choice after all.

Overall,with its easy to operate functions and user friendly features,(You do not need a manual lol)it is something thats worth to invest in if you arent willing to spend too much.

As i had own this gadget,i will be objective to say that its overall performance is satisfactory.👏👏

So is it  a good choice for you?

Note: This cooking gadget now comes in Black,White,Red Color(all under $100),Stainless Steel and Black Silver Color.(Additional $20 from the basic colors)

Average Customer Rating(Out Of 5 Stars)


  • Cheaper than most leading brands.
  • Comes with top handle so its easy to transport and keep.
  • Yummy results with most oven ready and frozen food.
  • Comes with a cookbook.


      • Mixed customer opinions  with raw food.
      • Takes up some space for kitchen top.
      • Not ideal for large servings.


        While a handful of feedbacks on defective units and unevenly cooked results at amazon,GoWise is very fast to rectify the problem and also prompt to answer questions online.Well, not to forget sometimes its the user mistake because they didnt read the manual.

        One awesome feature is its 8 in 1 digital pre-setting control.The pre sets are for cooking different food and you can adjust the timer and temperature after choosing the pre sets namely:

        • Preheat - 5 mins at 176 farenheit degrees
        • Shrimp - 20 mins at 320 farenheit degrees
        • Meat - 20 mins at 356 farenheit degrees
        • Chips - 20 mins at 392 farenheit degrees
        • Cake - 30 mins at 320 farenheit degrees
        • Fish - 20 mins at 392 farenheit degrees
        • Steak - 15 mins at 356 farenheit degrees
        • Chicken  - 20 mins at 356 farenheit degrees

        In short,a good and fast response from manufacturer is a vital factor to consider when anyone receive defective units or any malfunction to be rectified.

        And GoWise did a good job in this area though regrettably,no one wish to receive a damaged unit as frustrations will arise.

        By the way,it does not come with a cookbook.But here is the link to download the pdf .Go test it out with Gowise air fryer and  have some fun!

        With a whopping 540 amazon feedbacks ,i will say that this model is second to avalon bay in terms of number of reviews.As a rule of thumb before buying anything online, i always like to read as many customer feedbacks as i can.Happy and unhappy customers.Both are to be noted.

        Note: GoWise has recently launched a new 4th generation GW22621 in black color under a $100!

        Average Customer Rating(Out Of 5 Stars)



        • 8 cooking pre-sets.

        • Cheaper than most leading brands with more functions than them.

        • Digital  touch key pad for controls.

        • Easy to wash.


        • Complains of uneven cooked and burnt food.

        • Takes up some space for kitchen top.

        • No cookbook.

        Black And Decker HF100WD 

        Now this is a less talk about brand and
         not so popular among others.

        But certainly its worth to note since  its the only one which offers 2 years warranty  in my comparison table and had a dual convection fans which means fast and even hot air circulation for your favourite food.

        Again just like any other brands,the regular negative customer feedbacks are the taste for air frying start from scratch raw food.Also to note is the basket capacity which are small meaning you may have to cook 2 or more sessions for large servings.(only about max 8 chicken wings)

        Defective units do happen but prompt and polite customer service are commented many times by amazon customers  here.👍

        While Black & Decker is a popular brand with power tools for home,I still find that its air fryer needs some fine tuning to live up to its name.The 2 Year warranty however is a boost in consumer confidence.

        Note: At this point of writing,only 19 left in stock at Amazon.

        Average Customer Ratings(Out Of 5 Stars)


        • 2 Year Warranty Ltd.

        • Dual convection fan for faster cooking.

        • 60 min timer meaning cooking raw stuff with ease.

        • Indicator light turns off after preheat temperature is reached.


        • Inconsistency in producing good taste for deep fried foods.

        • Small Capacity.

        • Complains of defective units.

        Homeleader K58-017

        An air fryer that comes with a 30 day money back guarantee?Can you feel its confident?

        This little monster had earned  a good reputation with deep fried stuff like wings and Mozzrella sticks but not with wet foods like veggies or clauliflower. 

         Unlike its other models which uses dial knobs and temperature settings in celsius,this K58-017 got a touch pad with settings in farenheit for the US folks. 

         Easy push button to release the basket if you want to shuffle your fries or wings halfway with cool to touch handle unlike its older model which does not have.

        Average Customer Ratings(Out Of 5 Stars)


        • 30 days money back guarantee

        • 24 hour response time for customer service.

        • Great for fried foods like fries and onion rings.

        • Can cook with no oil at all meaning more healthy.


        • No  cookbook.

        • No Preheat button.

        • Rather small digital screen meaning not for the poor eyesight.

        Power AirFryer XL 3.4 quart

        Seriously i do not understand why a 3.4 quart basket is labelled as  XL though it has another size(5.3qt)

         It consists of 3 main parts which are the larger outer shell,an outer fry basket and an inner one.While the inner basket is dishwasher safe the outer one can only be washed manually.

         Not only equip with 7 pre-set programamble function,(Fries, pork chops, shrimp, baked goods, chicken, steak, and fish)you also can adjust timer and temperature manually if needed.

        Powered with 1700 watts means also it requires high electricity consumption as compared to the others which are powered at 1300 - 1500 watts. 

        It had good results with deep fried stuff but not so with steamed veggies since it advises not to pour water into the basket but it does have an optional pan for you to add water. Check out the customers opinion at amazon.

        Average Customer Ratings(Out Of 5 Stars)


        • Heats up quickly.

        • User friendly .

        • Easy to clean.

        • Cooks up to 400 Farenheit degrees.


        • Bulky and takes up space.

        • High consumption of electricity(1700Watts).

        • Cookbook didnt give units of measurement for some ingredients.
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        12 Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Buy(Checklist)

        Instead of asking which is the best air fryer to buy,why not ask yourself these few questions?
        1. Do you have enough space at your table top?(The size)
        2. How often do you cook?(If daily you need a more robust one)
        3. Do you have a medium family(more than 4)or less?(The basket capacity)
        4. Are you a digital or analog guy?(Ease of temperature and timer control)
        5. Where do you live?(The wattage and power)
        6. Suffering from arthritis?(Digital touch pads vs dials)
        7. Are you a vegetariarn?(Need one with adding water accessories)
        8. Do you love to cook start from scratch food?(Longer timer  setting needed)
        9. Are you a beginner in air frying?(Choose only those that comes with cookbook)
        10. Does the color fit your kitchen design?(Choose the one with more color options)
        11. Are you buying for the elderly?(User friendliness,nostalgic design and safety features in concern)
        12. How prompt and good is the after sale support?(Consumer confidence)

        Avalon Bay AB100R

        BlackAnd DeckerHF100WD
        Avalon Bay AB100B

        Its always a challenge to make a smart and sound decision when buying something onlne that you are not familar with especially if you are on a budget.

        With so many buying guides online to research(some are vague and paid to write),its easy to sink in the sea of endless questions and confusion.

        Important point is to choose the right one for yourself which provides a solid customer sale support and willing to exchange for defective units.

        Knowing what to expect and cut off the noise from the masses with mixed opinions is critical to making a sound decision.

        If you are buying for the first time, i hoped this thorough post with comparison does its job in helping you.

        At times,a little risk and going with your gut feeling after spending Enough time to research is a must.Otherwise you will be overloaded with information and ended up buying the wrong one.

        Did i miss out something in this post?Let me know by dropping a comment below.

        By the way,share this post with your loved ones if you find its useful.Thanks for reading and enjoy your  new cooking ventures!

        Disclaimer: Prices may be over a $100 once new year is over and the herein prices which i had checked over a Amazon are under $100 til this point of writing.
        I am affilated with Amazon and any items you purchased i will get a small commission.Thank you in advance if you appreciate my work and decide to buy any brands stated herein.

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